Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby Doll Necklace-circa 1860

Designer: Robin Dudley-Howes
Level: intermediate and up

Robins’ fascination with these miniature antique German dolls has led to yet another eclectic mixed media necklace contrasting vintage with contemporary. For this project you will learn innovative wire shaping techniques, hammering, clasps, problem solving and sturdy wire construction with out using a torch! Learning these techniques will elevate your future jewelry projects into new territory. Robin will try her best to make sure your necklace gets finished in class. Most supplies can be purchased at at jewelry suppliers like Rio Grande or Thunderbird supply.  The materials listed are what I used for the sample. If you would like me to put a kit together for you please contact me.


  1. wow it's the first time i come in your place!!! it's amazing!!! congrats!! you must be wonderful teacher!!

  2. i post a comment again lol!! cause your work is wonderful!! i don't want only one comment!! it's not fair!! LOL