Monday, June 8, 2009

Bohemian Chic~An Introduction into Shisha mirror embroidery

level: all (need to know hand sewing)
Process oriente
one to two day class

Calling all quilters, embroidery fanatics, fiber enthusiasts, mixed media artists and fabric-holics! This is a brand new class! Come on a journey with me where we break all the rules of traditional sewing. Hide your ruler, rotary cuter and embroidery hoop! I will show you how to think out of the box by creating a free style quilted coin purse embellished to the max with shisha mirrors, free form embroidery, amazing tassels and pom-poms in exciting vibrant colors. What are shisha mirrors you ask? They are usually ”smaller than a dime” shiny mirrors used on ethnic clothing and accessories with lots of intricate embroidery. I will show you my interpretation of several techniques in shisha mirror embroidery for your purse AND tassels. Learning these techniques will add more pizzazz and originality to your fabric crafting whether it be quilting or doll making so take the leap and experience a day of creative freedom! There will be a class outline and history of shisha embroidery provided. Shisha mirrors can be purchased from instructor.

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  1. Hi robin... Been a long time since I took your tassel doll class at ArtFiberFest in 2005... I ended up making the biggest tassel with the Face and still get complements on it hanging in my living room. Since I now have lupus and other stuff I am longer able to travel to any classes.... am wondering do you teach the Bohmian Chic class on line anywhere? That purse is so awesome!!!
    Sammy (Veleta)