Monday, June 8, 2009

Soldered Projects/Jewelry

Soldered Bell Jar
All day workshop

Step into a magical world with this adorable soldered bell jar project and kick up your soldering skills a notch.  First we will learn how to dress and paint your 100 year old doll in festive attire.  Then I will teach the dynamics of attaching soldered 3-d pieces, millenary and word tiles to make a tree type topper on your bell jar.  To finish it all off I will show you how make your piece ancient with patina and add embellishments.  Class fee includes all supplies.  All you need to bring is your soldering equipment:  soldering iron, stand, several sizes of copper tape, solder, flux, sponge, flux remover.  Please contact me if you need resources for soldering equipment.  Most stained glass stores have everything needed.  Otherwise I charge a $10 studio fee to use my soldering equipment and supplies.

Level: beginning
One to two day workshop

 A swath of fabric from a treasured garment, a petal from your wedding bouquet, a marble from your grandfather.....these are treasures that are unique to you and will become forever preserved in this special class.  We will explore various techniques to encapsulate and preserve your precious treasures by learning to cut glass and solder it into charms and explore uncommon objects like miniature vials, dice, dominoes, small china or bisque items, small pieces of a plate you couldn't throw get the picture.  This is a process based glass if taken for one day (you won't finish the necklace), project based (you will finish the necklace) for two days,  great for beginners or those who want to hone their soldering skills. 


Level: Intermediate/Advanced
One day class

What a metaphor for this tiny powerhouse of a project! What IS a reliquary? Direct quote from the dictionary~ “A receptacle, such as a coffer or shrine, for keeping or displaying sacred relics.” And so we will, as the name suggests create our own reliquary. This is a fantastic project for those who have some soldering experience and want to challenge themselves. Robin will not only go over the dynamics of making a miniature house of glass “reliquary”, she will also demonstrate how to add accessories to your little relic if you so desire and other tricks of the trade. The class sample has a tiny 100 year old “Frozen Charlotte” bisque doll who has been safely housed with a glittery crown and wings in her miniature reliquary, forever preserved. What will you preserve?


One day class
Level: Intermediate to advanced, some wire and soldering helpful
Kit fee (TBD) payable to teacher at class (includes Sterling Silver wire, Frozen Charlotte and everything else to make the necklace except tools)


Over one hundred years ago in a doll factory located in Thuringia, Germany, Frozen Charlotte dolls were manufactured. These hard to find treasured bisque dolls, broken and not, become trophies when found and are coveted by mixed media and jewelry artists making them HIGHLY collectable. It is the resurrection and collection of these enigmatic figures that guided me to make this necklace exclusively for Gilding the Lily. You will learn some great tips and techniques in soldering, wire wrap and miniature embellishment…making a tiny tiara for Charlotte, preserving her in a miniature vial and attaching it to a beautiful sterling silver and vintage finding necklace that you will learn how to make. How fun is that! The kit will have ALL the sterling silver wire, chain and findings needed to make the necklace PLUS your very own Frozen Charlotte and the story behind her, a vial, pearls, glass glitter, vintage and new findings.

4-5 hour class
Level: beginning
Kit fee extra


Create a beautiful ornament worthy enough for gift giving!  In this class Robin will go over basic soldering skills and techniques to stamp words or phrases into metal that will be soldered to the glass.  Learn how to  tack solder jump rings and her signature wire wrapping techniques including the velvet connector to hang your ornament!  Your kit will have a custom cut arched glass piece and metal for the back, wire, velvet, jump rings, vintage button, chain,beads, scalloped copper foil and steel wool.  Several custom collaged images will be available for you to choose from as part of the kit but feel free to bring your own.  Metal alphabet stamps and hammers will be available to use in class if you do not have your own. 

level: beginning
3-4 hour class


  What an elegant yet simple pendant to be worn as a necklace or used as an ornament!  If you have wanted to learn how to solder (with out fire) this is a great class to get you started.  Robin will show you all her tips and techniques for soldering with relaxed and easy to follow methods.  You will go home with at least one pendant.  Kits are available to purchase.

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