Monday, June 8, 2009

Tassels-Ethnic Eclectic and Treasure Hunt


One day class
Level: all
This fabulous tassel is a serendipitous creation made from all those precious scraps of fiber, fabric and ephemera that you just couldn’t throw away and were waiting for the perfect project. Well now you have a project to use those treasures! We will explore my innovative tassel construction of a simple basket weave technique, fiber wrapping, free form bead work and basic embroidery to construct an organic art piece! We will also explore innovative ways to attach a porcelain face to the tassel.


one to two day class
level: all (need to know hand sewing)

This luscious eclectic tassel is full of fun techniques, layers and texture. We will explore basic tassel construction along with various techniques such as basket weaving, bead wrapping, pom-poms, macrame’, beaded bead dangles and fiber wrapping. This is a process oriented class and my goal is to have taught at least one piece of each part of the tassel enabling you to put it all together on your own if you can’t finish in class.

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